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Collars and Necklaces

SceneWear® Collars have established a cherished International following over the last three decades. We strive to make the most beautiful collars in the world. they are hand made here in the USA, and made to order. We can only put a handful of the possibilities on the website, as we make sooooo many variations. Feel free to contact us regarding our hundreds of possibilites.

We DO NOT DO STAMPING ON LEATHER, i.e., your name or intials stamped into the leather. That is not the sort of leather we use.

We do also order collars some from our suppliers. They are cheaper but not made as well as a rule. The availability varies so much that we generally don't put them on the site. 

Most Collars / Neck Wear can be made Dominant, Switchable or slave versions. Please note that there are LOTS of categories of collars, not just the ones below!!

 PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT INSTANT DELIVERY ON ITEMS WE MAKE BY HAND. Orders are filled in the order in which they come in.

It is best to check with us on an approximate expected delivery date if time is a consideration. We may have it in stock, and if we do, we'll get it right out to you if we have the right size made up. We will need to get some specific measurements, which we will need to discuss with you, to ensure the best fit.

Even if it is something we may order from other people, it may not be in stock at the moment you place your order, and we may have to wait for it. We are not like some companies that some boxes of the same thing out in the garage, and you get some stamped out thing made of crappy materials (often dog quality, which doesn't work so well on humans), made overseas by the zillion.

We offer Deluxe Collars with fancy decorations, some with more conservative designs, all the way down to a simple leather band collar you can wear in public.

We also carry collars made by other manufacturers who make things we choose not to make, but which people ask for. 

Most collars have a matching leash which is human quality.