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About Us

Welcome to Samco, home of SceneWear, and Adult BDSM Store, where we have been serving our customers since 1990. Located in NYC for many years, we now have a private store in NJ near Philadelphia,in 08010. Please call for your appointment to shop.

We carry a llot of things and make many of the things we sell, for Men and Women, right here in America, employing Americans. We have special and wonderful clothing that we make to order from Extra Small to Size 6X on the sample rack. Our quality is high, but our prices are surprisingly good. Our SceneWear Original items are a little bit better. We also buy things from other suppliers to round out our offerings. The leather clothing we now buy from noted suppliers.

We have loaded some things for you to see to get an idea of the sorts of things we offer. This is by no means all we have, but just to give you an idea of what is possible. We have hundreds of clothing designs, both things we make, and things we buy, as well as lots of other things for you and your home. There is no way to catalogue it all.

We can accommodate any size or shape. We can draw upon our vast library of Samco\SceneWear proprietary patterns, or create something unique just for you, based upon your description. We also carry wonderful Jewelry, Blown Glass, Gifts, etc.,etc.etc.

We have a lot of gorgeous stuff already hanging in the store. There is a wide range of things. We make and purchase sexy clothes and lingerie for those looking for something alluring. ALL sizes and shapes are possible if it is something we can make.

We make things like they used to be made years ago. We make them well, from high quality components, to last. We also use a lot of fabrics that move, for greater comfort.

We have a large selection of fabrics and trims that you can choose from if you want us to make something for you. We go out of our way to find exquisite fabrics and fantastic leathers you won't find elsewhere, in addition to the more usual items. The things we purchase must meet the same exacting standards we set for our own creations. All Samco creations are guaranteed for one year against any defects in workmanship. 

We can also do repairs and alterations on things you already have. We sometimes put a leather strap with a key clip in handbags, so women don't have to dig around for their keys. I add snaps to the openings on my handbags so they are more secure, and they blend right in with the bag. We can do all sorts of stuff.

Since we own the space the store is in, it helps us keep prices low. This allows us to eliminate 1-2 markups on items, and so you get more for your money. People are always pleasantly surprised at the wonderful things they get from us, and how low the tally is at the end. 

Please call for an appointment between 10 AM - 8 PM, 7 days a week. We answer the phone "Samco!".  We will return all messages at our earliest opportunity.    We take all major credit and debit cards.