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Cuffs and Restraints

We make many of our cuffs from the same leather that is used for making saddles. Or we use a high end polished thick leather most companies won't use because it is more expensive, but it makes a superior cuff.  Our leather will mold to your body and not cut into your hands, yet it will be strong and hold firmly.

We make lots of styles, and our straight cuffs can get Velcro added for $15, which avoids shifting. You can have flat roller buckles, flat locking buckle ( which can have a lock through the hasp if you want), or just a plain buckle.

Probably our biggest selling single item is our Shearling-lined ERGONOMIC/suspension cuff.

Not that most people actually use them for suspension - which they could, but because they are so incredibly comfortable, and don't put pressure on the carpal tunnel. The cuff is shaped in such a way that you can comfortably wrap your hand around it and hold onto something while you're hanging out. It's the one shown on the Banner.

We use only AMERICAN SHEARLING as all the other choices are not as thick and lush. ( And we buy American whenever we can.) Almost every style of cuff we make can be lined with shearling or leather. Shearling choices vary, but we can almost always get black. And have red and blue most of the time. Sometimes other colors are available. 

We've been told many times that people think we make the best suspension/ergonomic cuff in the country. We appreciate the compliment. We can only assume it is because we kept refining the pattern over and over again to make it fit better and better. We have a Size 3 suspension cuff since a number of people have needed a larger size for ankles. It's BIG.

As with all your leather products (from your shoes to your coat) we recommend that you occasionally use a hard shoe polish (such as Kiwi) to keep them looking their best. Also after you have accidentally dripped hot wax on your cuffs, you can carefully remove it with a blunt edge and then use a little Kiwi polish to make 'em look new.