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Fabric, Trim and Decoration Choices

We have hundred of fabrics here to choose from. While we can't put everything up on the web, there is a reasonable amount that makes sense. We have included some of the things that we think will be around for a while, as well as other items we hope to be able to offer going forward. Unfortunately, we can not control what the manufacturers choose to make. Sometimes, beautiful fabrics just go away, and there is nothing we can do about it. But we work hard at acquiring the most wonderful fabrics we can at the best prices possible, to give you the most wonderful garment possible.

Sometimes, we will have a picture of something we made that looks great, and we want to show you how the garment looks when it is made up. But, that fabric may not still available. So we are providing you with some alternate fabrics to choose from. But you can also contact us to find out what else we might have that would be suitable for the garment you want.

We use a lot of fabrics with stretch for a more comfortable fit.

We make everything from casual wear to formal wear. For men or women.  (Except for men's suits, but that might change over time).