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Capes, Shrugs and Cover-Ups


We make many sorts of capes for all occasions, for men and women. Reversible Capes, Sheer Capes, Eyes Wide Shut Capes, etc. They can have a functional hood, a collar or just a crew neck. All our capes have double closures in front. Heavier fabrics have frogs or chain connected buttons, and lighter weights have a special double thick ribbon we have manufactured for us, for extra strength.

We make Evening and Casual Cover-Ups for those who want an additional finishing touch to their outfit. They can be whatever length you need, but we usually make to come to mid thigh for average height. We can use fancy or plain fabrics, we have some great laces, spandex, you name it. And we often put a fringe on them, for a nice finishing touch.

We make several types of shrugs. We have a neat stretch lace shrug that will actually hold itself in place if you have an ample bust. for those a little less busty, we can put in a little button. We also make a solid fabric shrug out of a wide variety of luxurious peach skins.

Please remember that we make a tons of different things for people, and we can not put everything up here. If you want something you don't see, give us a call.