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We carry a great selection of special  Hosiery for a wide range of sizes. While some of the items we carry do not come in larger sizes, whenever possible we get the full range of sizes. ( We generally don't have everyday pantyhose, since we figure you are buying that at the grocery store or the mall.)

We have some fabulous hosiery that we get from England that fits up to a 3/4X! And it's gorgeous. While we can not guarantee the fit of any hosiery, our customers have been very happy with the selection and durability of the Pretty Polly line. It cost a bit more that some brands, but it is made of dernier hose, which is much more durable than what we normally see these days. So it lasts a long time if you take care of it.

We also have some VERY sexy stockings, thigh highs, body suits, crotchless pantyhose, etc. from well known manufacturers in whatever sizes they make.