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Repairs and Customizing

We can offer repairs on some things you already have, in fabric or leather.

It is especially difficult to find someone who still has the skills to work on leather items. However, we can not guarantee in advance what we can do, and there are some things that we can not fix. However, we have been repairing things for friends and customers for many years. All repairs are on a best efforts basis, and we would need to discuss them prior to starting.

We also do things like installing a small strap with clasp inside pocketbooks to hold onto your keys. That way you don't have fish around in the bottom of bag trying to find them.  So when you buy a handbag we can send it out the door with the strap already on it.

We even rebuilt a polio brace for a friend, where the leather inside it had worn out, and his reorder just wasn't showing up.

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