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Flails aka Floggers

Here you will find all sorts of implements for impact here and in other categories. Most of them we bring in from other artisans, but a few we make ourselves. (Check out the SceneWear® Paddles, which we make here, they are really special.)

The selection is constantly changing, so it is really impossible to keep the pictures up to date for a lot of these. Handle leathers change, hides change, lengths may change a little, etc.etc. 

But here are some basics:

  • We mostly carry doubles as those are the most popular, but will sometimes have singles or triples (or as close to triple as they can get into the handle)
  • Singles have their place, if it's a very heavy leather, singles can be more effective
  • We also have rawhide whips, in black, red, medium blue. Other colors may be available.
  • When we can get them, we carry dragon tails.

The leathers are various cowhides from lighter to heavier, deer, lamb, elk (sometimes elk is tough to get), bull, bison and on rare occasion, moose. Colors vary, and we have no control over that

Some leathers used to be easy to get, but due to regulatory changes that effect the removal of the animals from the woods, some hides large enough to use and in good condition, have become far more difficult to acquire.