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Crown Jewels Collars

SceneWear® Crown Jewel Collars are made with leather and draped chain.

Inspiried by the crowned jewels of European Royalty, they made be made more ways than one can count. We have put up a few to give an idea of what we can do. But like most things we make, it simply is NOT possible to put it all up on the web.

We have many choices of decorations that can be used, some made of real silver (they cost a bit more). We can put an overlay of other leather on top of the black for a specialized look. ( e.g., leopard, stingray or leather finsihed to look llike it, just another color like red or purple, metallics, etc)

There are sooo many choices. Decorations vary, leathers vary, medallions vary.... Chain may vary.. and on and on.

If you are hoping for something specfic, ask if we can do it. We just might be able to.