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Alterations and Repairs

Bring in your clean garments, and we will take a look. Yes, we can probably hem it, take a tuck, let it out, etc.

Often Corsets, or Corsellettes do not have panels under the lacing in the back. We can install panels at a minimal charge.

Many items that you buy in shop can be altered on the spot. And usually, free of charge.

Have you purchased a beautiful handbag that isn't all that secure? We can install additional heavy snaps, usually with very low visibility (we can use black snaps on black leather, or beautiful Celtic Snaps, etc.) to increase your level of security. We also install shoulder straps, or straps inside your handbag with a clip to hold your keys so you don't have to dig for them.

Have you lost weight, and that belt is too big? Bring to us, and we'll make a little magic on your belt, so you can still use it just fine. Usually, without it being noticeable.

We can do some amazing things, like inserting panels into things you have outgrown, so you can still use them.

Don't throw it away. Give it another chance, bring it to us!