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SceneWear® Originals, where no customer is too BIG or too small, and any color of leather made, is available.

Check in/Call to find out what our Special of the Month is. We also have a LOYALTY PROGRAM.

The store is open 1st and 3rd Sundays. All shopping is by appointment then, and possibly at other times, if our helper is available.  We're in the Delran, NJ area.

We're under construction. We've recently quickly loaded a few products (some need better pics) without details, or exact prices, so we could move everything over from the old site. We're almost done replacing those. We'll be adding new stuff all the time.

Contact us to see what we have as well. We can't load it all. And there's new stuff all the time in the BRICK AND MORTAR STORE. If you don't see what you want, please ask for it!

We're part time now. We were going to close, but customers insisted we stay open, because there's almost no one left who does what we do.  

SceneWear® is made by us, by hand, Master craftsman style. ONE AT A TIME. Including: Our world famous Collars/Neck Wear, Ergonomic/Suspension cuffs (and 5 other styles), Paddles, Blindfolds, Gags, Bondage Gear, Whips, Harnesses, Equipment and supplies for play, etc.  

We carry lifestyle books, including "The Continuing Adventures of V...", Book One, "The Club," which can be personally autographed by the author when purchased through us. (It's also available through Amazon.com.) 

We make our own SceneWear® TOYS, not available anywhere else. We also buy things made by other Artisans we respect.

We have a Store, not a couple of boxes in the garage. A lot is made to order, and often varies per customer. We have a lot of one of a kind pieces.

Please contact us directly to order. Most web hosts are expecting merchants to get stuff out in 3 days. That doesn't work with custom made things.

Corsets are best tried on, so while we have a large selection up to 6X, it doesn't pay to try to put a large and ever changing variety on the net. We also can't put up all the data.       

We also have Super Economical SEXY Boxed Dresses in Regular and Queen sizes.

Web work is done as time and energy permits. Customers in the store, and orders, come before website work.  

Please contact us on ALL orders, we don't get paid for work we can't fill in a timely manner.  

Please call 609-791-9769, between 10 AM and 8 PM, Mon through Sat. If we can't answer, please leave a message longer than your name, or Google won't record it. Between Noon and 5 PM, you can also call 718-748-7593 directly 7 days a week. Ask for Lady Elaina, or leave a message if we can't answer.

We look forward to serving your needs!

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