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We carry two books on the site, but Many More in the store. 

"The Beauty of Her Love...What My Parrot Taught Me about Living With Companion Birds" is getting 5 star reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We can get you a personally authographed copy.


"The Continuing Adventures of V...", with personally autographed copies available. an S&M Mystery Adventure story taken from 15 years of the column published in B&D Pleasures Magazine, also autographed if you like. ( It's now in The Leather Archives and Museum, and Mama Vi's Library.)

We have classic books like SlaveCraft, The Loving Dominant, Sm 101, Becoming a Slave, Learning the Ropes, and on and on. Selected specifically for your needs.

The First CAV book, "The Club" was released some years back, and the author has promised to finish the other two books in the series as soon a time permits. 

We also carry a variety of other books that we feel are worthwhile either because of their application to the Power Exchange Lifestyles, or because we feel they are useful to help people interested in spiritual evolution.