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The Continuing Adventures of V..., Book One, The Club

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 The Continuing Adventures of 'V'

by Slave 'V', From Gary Press in Hardcover and Paperback


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Story of VS.A.M.Co. is pleased to be an
Authorized Distributor of
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"The Continuing Adventures of 'V'..."
by Slave 'V' 

An S&M Mystery Adventure Story 

It is a "must have" for
your SM library,
don't wait to reserve your copy... 

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UK Book Launch in 2002

"The Continuing Adventures of 'V'..." was originally written as a gift to her master, and was published from 1988 through 1994, a chapter at a time, in the Bon Vue publications (B&D Pleasures, etc.). Not all chapters, however, were published. Even the author's fans have never learned the end to the story, and some have complained over the years that they missed a chapter and didn't know what happened through the last chapter published. Things change, and somehow those last chapters never got sent in. But the story has an end. And a pretty interesting beginning and middle.

Slave 'V' is pleased to announce that "The Continuing Adventures of 'V'" is available in book form, AND THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES IS UNDERWAY. Both books will have extremely erotic B&D illustrations of top shelf quality. Some of these illustrations were published with the artist's permission in TES's publication, Prometheus, some years ago, before the artist passed away. This artist was one of 'V's most cherished Masters, and inspired many of the chapters. He left the wonderful illustrations with 'V' as a gift for use with her book.

 This book comes from the heart and mind of a real submissive female, who went on her own mission quest before the Internet to find her Master. The courage to travel alone along the difficult journey to find an underground culture was most unusual then. Driven by her overwhelming need to fulfill her destiny, she sought out her fulfillment as a slave. What comes from her courageous journey into the real world of S&M, mixed with her fantasies is a revealing and exciting story, actually written by a female slave.

It is the story of 'V', a fairly young, submissive innocent who is whisked from the protection of her loving master against her will and is sent into a world of hardcore S&M. It explores her fantasies, psychological and emotional growth as she experiences an exciting adventure of Mistress/Master and Slave, private S&M Clubs, Pony Training and so on. The book is a different kind of "How To" book than many of those written in more recent times. This a story of her mind, her heart, her fantasies, her enslavement...her surrender. Written from the real life experiences of the author who traveled some of the journey much as 'V' did, psychologically. Much can be learned about the workings of the submissive mind from this book. In between the hot chapters of S&M sexuality and graphic illustrations are the gears that make the female submissive tick.

The book will entertain you, excite you and perhaps inspire you to new peaks. And of course... it has a surprise ending!! It's a must have for your BDSM collection.


$18.00 in Softcover ( $13.50 + $4.50 S/H)
$30.00 in Hardcover ( $24.50 + $5.50 S/H)
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Any book is a mystery until you read it. And certainly,
this one is, because it's an S&M Mystery Adventure story! 



Sometimes it is hard to know who will like a book and if it's content will be enjoyable to read. Below are some of the letters we have received from people who have read "The Continuing Adventures of 'V'...". We hope you will find these of value when making a decision regarding whether to purchase it for your library.



"I loved it! I can't wait for the next one." Master Jim, TES, NYC



"A lot of fun, an easy read." LaRubia, TES, NYC



"It was soooo good, when is the next book available?" Lee C., Vermont



"It was so hot, I had trouble putting it down. When can I order the second book?" Gerri I.,NYC



"I loved it! I have my favorite parts marked off! When is the sequel?" Bliss Ann



Slave V: 

I truly enjoyed your book. I received it as a Christmas present from Velvet. My only disappointment was there was not another to immediately follow that one. I am a big fan of books that are part of a series. 

In many ways I found myself empathizing with V in many of the situations she was in. I too would do almost anythng to please my Master. I am relatively new to the BDSM scene as I have only been a sub for about 3 yrs. 

I found your book extremely erotic. It gave light to many fantasies that women have but are to afraid to voice to their Masters. Some of the tthings that were done to V, I found extremely exciting and have even fantasized about myself but find it hard to admit to myself that I really want those things. 

I just really wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the book and am truly looking forward to the next one. I hope it comes out soon. I was left wishing I could get hold of the newspaper stories that the book originated from. I must confess, I read the book in one sitting. So good luck with this book and all that follow and I hope the next one comes soon. 




Hello again: 

I read your novel while I was in Chicago and liked it a lot. I think you told me that it was semi-autobiographical; if so, you've had some really wonderful, and wonderous, adventures. 

The only thing I would have liked more about your novel is if it could have been longer. The part of the book in which V was captive in a slave training House was really very good, and I would have liked to have read more of her experiences. 

But I really liked your book as-is, and I sent you a check for another copy, that I'm going to give as a Christmas present to my new Master. I'd really appreciate it if you'd write him a nice note and autograph the book for him. 





You are right, it reads like a collection of small pieces rather than as a novel. But that is what it is, and for casual reading that's a very good quality, as it means it's possible to read the book in small, easy steps. 

It's also a quite inventive book. There are a lot of different ideas about how things can be done, and some of them are very well described. There's also obvious skill and knowledge visible in some of the details about things like ropes and floggers. I agree that you need that warning in the preface, making it clear that this is fantasy. Some of the things poor V goes through belong firmly in the realm of fantasy. Once there though, it makes for hot dreams! 

When all of that is said: this is an interesting read. It was well-described action and hot fantasy, and I am sure it will be read with vibrators at hand in many a dimly-lit room! 

Congratulations on your book! 





Hope your trek around Europe for the booksigning was fun and successful. I read the book cover to cover , I found it captured the essence of the emotion very well. It put me right back in sub mode. Looking forward to the next book. I don't know if Bob let you know we received the hardcover as well. 


Slave P




Yes I got the book, and yes, I read it. It is a great book, very exciting. When is the speaking tour? We should get you a signing down here in DC through Black Rose. 




Greetings "V"....... 

"V".... I read your book. I loved it. Your writing style kept me running back for more. I am the type of person who, when the style isn't right..even if the story is great.. will not keep going. I agree with you totally that poor V in the story was put through her paces in the first 17 chapters... not that she was packed in cotton wool from there on in, but the story did take a completely different tack.... something which did not bother me at all. If anything, I find the "fantasy" of the latter chapters very delicious. - Anke






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