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  • Front view of our Olsen Mask
  • Summer Weight Black and White Paisley Stretch Knit, shown in Medium
  • Summer Weight Stretch Leopard Knit, Shown in Medium
  • Our four standard sizes.. check in with us to be sure you are ordering the right size! We can also make custom sizes.
  • This show the back of the mask, and give an idea why it takes an hour and half to make one mask, and 2 filters. See our 0.3 micron filter material, which we cut from sheets and sew ourselves. We had to engineer all the sizing on everything.
  • Red and Black Snakeskin, in a light weight fabric, Great for summer, Shown in a Medium
  • Summer Weight Woven Cotton , shown in a Large
  • Summer Weight Fabrics- the two on the left are stretch, and the red snake is a non-stretch Woven fabric
  • Summer Weight Fabrics -these are all stretch, the blue on the right is a mesh, and at the moment, we are still trying to figure out to use that decoratively over something that will filter enough
  • This is a medium, with someone who wears glasses... however, we are just about out of this fabric choice
  • Royal Blue Microfiber
  • Red Microfiber
  • Size Medium in a heavier Green and Large- the large is made of extremely light weight white microfiber for those with breathing concerns.... and the replaceable filters
  • Taupe and Blue knit... low inventory on the blue knit
  • Side View Blue Microfiber in Large
  • Front view of Large Red Microfiber
  • This is a medium, in one of our "Gucci" type fabrics, soft and silky
  • Size Large in Dark Blue Satin
  • Large in the rear ( about 6.5 inches mid-nose to chin), Medium in the front ( about 5" mid-nose to chin)
  • Small, Medium and Large Masks... we also make an Extra Large.. Special sizes are available
  • Some people have a great sense of humor... cutsey stuff is extra...lol. Pink Microfiber
  • Whimsical Mask for a customer who wanted a variety of lace trims
  • Purple in a Large, Cooler weather
  • Side View Taupe and Blue Knit
  • Side View of the Large Dark Blue in Satin, Cooler Weather
  • Side View of the Green and White
  • Fabrics 1, Cooler Weather
  • Fabrics 2, Cooler Weather
  • Fabrics 3, Cooler Weather
  • Fabrics 4, Cooler Weather

Covid N95 Equivavalent 0.3 Micron Filter Washable Masks, in 4 Sizes, that Protect the Wearer, VIEW DETAILS

Contact us via email for details

Product Description

Don't go out without actual protection from Covid-19. We need to get the economy going, but it shouldn't mean you die over it. You need 0.3 micron filters, like ours, to do that.

Before you try to order, please email us at samco@att.net so we can go over sizing and fabrics. Or you can call our google number from 10 AM to 8 PM, and leave a message if we can't answer, 609-791-9769.

We are making several types of Washable Filter Masks in 3 sizes for Covid-19 protection, with the required 0.3 micron replaceable filter to provide protection for the wearer. ( If you have special needs, please let us know.) We have pictures of many of our choices of fabrics, just tell you in your email what you would like, if you have a preference. (And we still have that fabric left.)

We have limited production, so we don't dare make it possible for people to order them here, because the flood would overwhelm us, and we don't want to be one of those companies that never delivers the order.

If you want a Mask and filters, either write to us on Fetlife, at the scenewear profile... or you can also write to samco@att.net. (Your vanilla friends can see our masks on Samco Boutique on Facebook, and write to samco@att.net.) We want to be sure you ordering the correct size.

We make and sell the filters separately, and you can get them going forward as needed. For most people, a filter should last about 2 weeks. If you hardly go out, it will last longer. If you are working in a high risk environment, you probably want to replace it more often.

Filters, when you need new ones,  can be put into regular mail later when needed. You should remove your filter before laundering the mask. Laundering will decrease it's ability to protect you by about 1/3. Laundering the  mask should remove any "dirt" on it.. the 0.3 micron openings are too small to be actually laundered anyway, but leaving them out in the air for 5 days is supposed to be enough to sanitize them, sunlight might be useful. Check out the CDC site for how to sanitize ( see link below). DO NOT USE HOUSEHOLD SANITIZERS ON IT.

These are being hand made by a couple of people volunteering their time to help others, which is why they are so cheap! So there is not mass production, which is why we can't make it an automatic purchase. But, we are steadily filling orders coming in. There is excellent quality, as these are designed for comfort and long term use. We will fill your orders as quickly as we can, but please have reasonable expectations. When you email us, we can let you know what fabrics we are working with, and what wait time looks like.

We make the Olsen style (the rounded ones that fit your face well) Filter Masks in:

  • Small (Petite or children) $12
  • Medium (most women and some men) $14
  • Large (most men) $16, and
  • XL $18 (for the truly big people like basketball players)

Filters ( come in two packs):

  • $4.00 for Medium
  • $4.50 for Large
  • $5.00 for Extra large

Our masks come in a variety of fabrics (see below) that we have here in stock, and are constructed so you can put elastic, ribbon, cord, etc., around your head for comfort. All the filter masks come with around the head elastic (if we run out of elastic before we ALL finally get elastic again from China, we'll use something else, but it is supposed to arrive by Mid May, and we still have elastic in stock.)


And, if you are local, and can't afford a mask, we try to keep some free masks that you can pick up outside the door, but we can't always keep up with demand. 

We ARE a small business, and can produce a steady stream of these, but we are not mass producing them. We are making them by hand, one at time. And the filter masks take about and hour and a half to make well.

We will beat this virus if we all stand together apart. 

We ship worldwide. For shipping within the USA, we ship priority insured mail, to make sure you receive it. We can't be sure how much that will be, so it is best for you to contact us first at samco@att.net so we can figure out the correct price. Orders through the website may not go out priority, since we have no control over the label.


The CDC came out with methods to sterilize filters as of 4/22/20  Here is the link: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/ppe-strategy/decontamination-reuse-respirators.html


Types of fabric available for Covid Masks:

There is some variation in availability as we make masks, because we might run out of something, or have to pull something new out of our fabric storage area from the wonderful fabrics we used for making clothes. But as of this moment, these are most of the choices we are working with. We launder things in advance, but because we are handling them as we work, we recommend you launder them before using ( making sure there is no filter in it when laundering.)

White and Cobalt Blue Satin, Taupe Knit, Muslin, MicroFiber and Wovens: Very light weight white (tough to work with but a good choice for people with breathing problems), Medium Blue, Red, Black, White, Pink, Blue, Purple, Red with a black design on it, a Gucci like Taupe pattern, Pink, Baby Blue, and others. Best thing is to write to us at samco@att.net and give us a way to get back to you to answer questions.



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