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We have made a number of leather chastity belts over the years, and have been amazed at the number of misconceptions people sometimes have regarding them. So, perhaps it's worth taking a moment to discuss the difference between fantasy and reality.

Fantasy: The slave is secured so as to prevent access to their genitals and rectum. Presumably, because one is either concerned about someone else taking advantage of the fruits offered therein, or because the Dominant prefers to deny the slave access to their own genitals for any one of a multitude of reasons. The slave remains in the chastity belt for days or weeks or millenia, being available "there" only when the Dominant opens the belt and takes advantage of the privilege afforded them by doing so. Very hot !!

Reality: The slave has to go to work or function in real life, and has to go to the bathroom. They can't go the bathroom through the unit without soiling it and themselves, and they can't access it or themselves to wash. Not only can't they return from the lavatory to polite company, but by the time Dominant gets to them, they have contracted any number of bacteriological diseases, none of which are pleasant or safe. Taking advantage of spoiled fruits isn't much fun. Not so hot...

Compromise: Make something that can serve the desired function appropriately, or if, for example, a stainless steel unit is used, allow for the realities in using it. We can make leather appliances for you that compromise and refer you on the steel ones. We know some fine steelworkers.

No matter which you may choose, it's all supposed to be about pleasure, and sometimes there is wisdom in allowing the crotch to be unlocked, and making the slave report the usage of the key or whatever.


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These steel pieces can also sometimes malfunction, and then what do you do? There is a certain doctor in the New York area who once came to us to rescue him from the malfunctioning lock on his classic style steel belt, so he could go home. While we don't advocate your calling us in an emergency at 9:30 on a Friday night, he was a customer and we were happy to assist in his rescue. We had the tools ( which he knew from watching us make leather in our shop) and expertise to get him out of his belt without damaging it. Steel is less accommodating than leather. It took three of over 45 minutes to get him out.

Stainless Steel Chastity Belts: We are pleased to have found a new manufacturer who produces a better locking mechanism for these steel belts and collars. In fact, they have an additional "High Security Lock" option for super control. So, in addition to the leather ones seen below, we are pleased to offer the "new" classic stainless steel chastity belts for men and women.

These are lined with the right kinds of materials and well manufacturered by people who have the plant and equipment to produce a truley top shelf product. So, if you buy from us, you'll be getting a product that will serve well. (We can't make any promises about that wearer!). They also offer a variety of cuffs, collars, belts, bracelts, and so on. Some additional photos will be found on our other pages.

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